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NBA star Devin Booker supports Jonah Hill amid ’emotional abuse’ allegations with a debatable 2018 snap

Expressing solidarity during a controversy with reminder of another snafu.

Devin Booker and Jonah Hill
Photo by Christian Petersen/Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Jonah Hill is currently courting a big controversy as his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady, has accused him of “emotional abuse” and labeled him a “misogynist narcissistic.” At this time, no one — fine almost no one except political commentator Candace Owens and Andrew Tate — was expected to come forward and support Hill when the actor himself hasn’t addressed the accusations. But NBA player Devin Booker has come forward to back the Don’t Look Up star with his picture from 2018 that Hill probably doesn’t want to remember. 

Brady, a 25-year-old pro surfer, took to her Instagram stories on July 7 with screenshots of her text conversation with Hill, alleging that the actor was emotionally abusive and tried to control her life. Through the various chat exchanges, Brady revealed Hill attempted to dominate her life and the only reason she is sharing it with everyone is to protect her mental health from suffering any more damage by trying to keep the trauma to herself. 

Neither Jonah Hill nor his partner, Olivia Miller, have broken their silence on the accusations. But Devin Booker, who used to date Kendal Jenner, came forward to “salute” the actor via his Instagram story. 

It is not just Booker’s decision to not-so-subtly cheer Hill that has raised eyebrows…

… it is also the picture he has chosen for the occasion. Unless the photograph itself didn’t speak for itself, this five-year-old Jonah Hill snap got the actor roasted on social media for tucking a Suns jersey into his dress pants and annihilating fashion, the jersey, and the Phoenix Suns in one go. 

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