OG YouTube couple Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are finally married

jenna marbles julien solomita
Credit: Jenna Marbles/YouTube

Sorry, Jesus Christ. Christmas has been canceled, and it has been replaced by the week-long celebrations the internet is throwing for Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita who, after almost a decade of dating, are finally married.

Though Jenna, one of YouTube’s earliest success stories, quit the platform over two years ago, fans have remained plugged into her relationship with Julien, who is still active on YouTube and Twitch. In April last year, Solomita announced he had proposed to Jenna (real name Jenna Mourey) and she had said yes.

Now, Solomita has shared pics from the wedding, and we implore you to try not to spew tears of joy — especially upon seeing their elderly chihuahua Marbles sitting in a pram.

In the comments, many celebrities from the YouTube world and beyond shared their congratulations, including Rachel Zegler, Brittany Broski, Chris Melberger, and more.

As you’d expect it wasn’t just the celebs who shared their joy hearing the news. Social media has since erupted with fans sharing their joy for the newlyweds after following the relationship for many years.

Christmas has come early for these fans, however, while we’ve had a glimpse at the stunning images from the event, that wasn’t all fans got to dive into the day. Uploading to his channel Julien 2, Solomita shared a video called “i got married” that includes a clip from his stream talking all about the special day and showing off more pictures.

The star revealed that the wedding took place back in early November but it is just being made public now as during the time the couple was struggling with medical issues related to their dog Peach.

You can check out this video and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.