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Prince Harry cruelly betrayed Queen Elizabeth in her final months, friend of royal family alleges

Following the Queen’s passing, her friends allegedly feel that Harry caused great stress to the Queen in her final months.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 18: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry attend at the annual Chelsea Flower show at Royal Hospital Chelsea on May 18, 2015 in London, England.
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No one was surprised when Prince Harry’s memoir created a rift in the Royal family — or perhaps more accurately, further divided them, but now an inside source and friend of the Royal family has spoken out in detail about the harm Prince Harry’s tell-all caused his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Daily Beast spoke to the insider in a report published today. That insider is allegedly a friend of the late Queen and initially stated that while the Queen was in the final years of her life, she was already in a lot of pain. The insider then explained, “In the final months, of course, it got very much worse. By the time of the Platinum Jubilee, she couldn’t see very much, she couldn’t hear very much, and was easily confused.”

They go on to describe the Queen’s appearance on the balcony at the jubilee as “a titanic effort.”

However, while the Queen was in such pain, Harry’s book Spare was released. Some in the public called it bad timing while others called it a bad idea altogether. The insider said, “That was the time for Harry and Meghan to bite their tongue. Instead, they produced this unending stream of incredibly hurtful films and interviews attacking her life’s work. For Harry to announce he was writing a memoir when his grandmother was not just recently widowed but actually dying herself, as he must have known she was, well, the cruelty of it takes the breath away.”

It was also noted by the source that Queen Elizabeth, unbeknownst to the public, actually frequently used a wheelchair to get around the palace. It was never used publicly, however.

The insider adds that the Queen was greatly stressed and unhappy with Harry’s interviews and shows, such as the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

“The idea that they are now going to take a vow of silence,” the source stated about Harry and Meghan, “after all the damage they have done — even if that’s true, which I very much doubt — will do nothing to assuage the anger and disgust some of her friends feel about what they did to the Queen in her final years.”

Prince Harry may never be forgiven by his family for his royal exposé, but based on his decision-making, one wonders if he even wants to. Time will tell if that changes. However, for obvious reasons, reconciliation with the Queen is now impossible, and that’s a cruel truth that Harry must now live with.

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