Rosario Dawson is totally down for a team-up with her Hollywood look-alike

rosario dawson

There are plenty of celebrities out there that seem to have their own look-alike working within the industry. Celebrities who look so similar they could be related are actually not that uncommon in Tinseltown, with notable mentions being Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill, and Kiera Knightly and Natalie Portman, with the last pair having once looked so similar that one played the others double in the 00’s Star Wars trilogy. One fan picked up on the resemblance of another two Hollywood leading ladies and would love to see them star in a film together.

Rosario Dawson, known for her roles in the Netflix Marvel series and as Ahsoka in the Star Wars universe, responded to a fan on Twitter who would love to see the actress team up with her look-alike Zoe Saldaña. Though the actresses are not as scarily similar looking as some other pairings, there are most definitely some resemblances between the two, enough that you could be mistaken for thinking they are related. One fan posted on Twitter that they would love to see them as onscreen sisters that “whoop ass.”

Dawson responded by saying it “would be a blast” adding “love me some Zoe.” She goes further by saying that she would like to not only act in it but produce it together as well before tagging the actress in the tweet. Their outward appearances are not the only similarities that the actresses share having played similar characters on screen.

The two have both played non-human characters with Saldaña having provided the body and voice for the character of Neytiri from James Cameron’s Avatar film as well as Gamora from the MCU. Dawson has also been a non-human differently colored character when playing Ahsoka in The Mandalorian, though she remained human for her role as Claire Temple in Netflix/Marvel’s various series. In all of these characters the two got to show off just how kick-ass they are, so imagine how strong they would be combined!

It would be great to see the two together, “on earth or in space,” colorful or otherwise, and with one of the pair already on board, it now rests on Saldaña to get on the bandwagon. You never know, fan pressure and peer pressure have worked wonders in the past, just look at Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s team-up for the upcoming Deadpool 3 as a prime example.