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Ryan Reynolds’ most expensive bike collection

As a bike lover, Ryan Reynolds has plenty of unique finds in his collection of all price points both stock and custom.

Ryan Reynolds "The Adam Project" New York Premiere
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Ryan Reynolds is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now and has been for many years. Outside of his acting, Reynolds is also known for his love of motorbikes and over the years the star has acquired quite the collection.

While many people look to get their hands on the most expensive and exclusive vehicles, Reynolds has compiled a collection of his favorite bikes both for their performance and unique appearance. Reynolds has a very clear taste in motorbikes that becomes apparent when taking a look at his collection.

Not all of these bikes will break the bank, but with many having undergone extensive customizations they are far from cheap. Here is a look at all the bikes that Reynolds is noted as owning.

Custom Honda CB750

The first motorbike Reynolds ever owned also may have been the cheapest, but that doesn’t mean it’s not of great quality. Honda’s CB750 boasts a classy vintage look and strong performance and was the perfect starter bike for the Deadpool star.

For nostalgia’s sake, Reynolds later purchased himself another CB750, this time a custom Cafe Racer by Raccia Motorcycles which we can only expect was much more expensive. Outside of its reworked appearance, if you’re interested in taking a look at the upgrades made for performance you can read more on Silodrome here.

Triumph Bonneville

Image via Triumph Motorcycles

Reynolds is a big fan of Triumph’s bikes. The longtime Bike manufacturer has produced plenty of gems over the years and continued to maintain the same classic look that Reynolds likes in his collection.

One of the many Triumph bikes that the star owns is a Bonneville. The star spoke about his Bonneville during an interview in 2019 explaining that he has been in a “long-term relationship” with the bike and done many mods over the years. Given this, it’s hard to put a price on this ride. Despite being older, Reynolds says his bike continues to do him well and has safely taken him across the country three times over.

Ducati Paul Smart

As we start to get into the more expensive vehicles, the Ducati Paul Smart is one of the rarer finds in Reynolds’ collection.

While this isn’t the most expensive of them all it isn’t cheap. For the price, the Ducati Paul Smart has a sleek elegant appearance while maintaining the retro style that Reynolds loves. The bike is modeled after the Ducati 750 Imola Desmo that Paul Smart won the Imola 200 back in 1972.

1962 BMW R60/ Sidecar

If you’re traveling with a passenger there are two ways to do it, but the most unique has to be with an attached sidecar. Among Reynolds, bike collection is a 1962 BMW R60 with a sidecar to suit.

Another vintage bike, it doesn’t get much more smooth than this with a clean gloss exterior and the power to trek along with a passenger in sidecar. If you’re going to fill your collection with vintage-styled vehicles then you’ve got to have a sidecar in your collection and the 1962 BMW R60 is a perfect choice.

Reynolds hasn’t publically shown off his personal R60 so it isn’t clear if there have been any changes made. A recently sold listing of a stock vehicle online puts the price around $35,000 USD.

1964 Triumph 650

Nicknamed “The Nine O’Clock Gun’, one of Reynolds’ most prized possessions is his 1964 Triumph 650. This bike has been completely rebuilt by Lucas Joyner of The Factory Metal Works according to Cyril Huze Post.

Changes made include a new one-of-a-kind custom TFMW frame, lowered front forks, an original 60s Wassell Banana Tank, and much more. You can check out the full specifics of changes made for this custom build here.

With all of its custom changes, the price of this bike isn’t clear, but it can’t be cheap and is most definitely one of the star’s most expensive.

Triumph Thruxton

Following the trend, Reynolds owns another custom Triumph, this time a Thruxton. The star’s cafe racer was built by Dustin Kott of Kott Motorcycles.

In a video shared to Silodrome about the bike, Reynolds explains that Kott’s work caught his eye as the pair both share a love for Cafe Racers — which should be clear from the other bikes in his collection.

The build began with a stock Thruxton before stripping back all the non-essentials and replacing everything to get the elegant vintage result that was achieved. Again, given that it was a custom it isn’t possible to get an exact price on this bike.

Egli-Vincent by Godet

Another vintage bike that Reynolds own is the Egli Vincent by Godet. These bikes are from Patrick Godet who received a license to produce the bikes after Egli moved towards other projects.

Details about Reynolds’ specific Vincent aren’t clear as he hasn’t shown the ride off, however, he did mention owning one when speaking to Pipeburn back in 2014.

This is likely the most expensive vehicle that the star owns as they often fetch around $80,000 to $100,000 on resale.

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