Stephen King dusts off an old meme to weigh in on George Santos

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Can George Santos tell the truth, ever? As his list of lies keeps growing, Stephen King had to join the fun with a tweet that brings back the Chuck Norris meme fans have enjoyed for years.

How did Santos ever get elected after everything that has come out about him? Forbes lists his most memorable lies, beginning with his denial of having a criminal background when in fact, he has been charged with check fraud in Brazil. He made claims that his maternal grandparents were Jewish refugees who fled Ukraine, when in fact they were born in Brazil. He has lied about being a drag queen and about his mother’s death in addition to surviving an assassination attempt. All of that on top of the lies and denials of how much campaign funds he has received as well as where that money has gone.

Where did he go to college? When was he a model, a yacht salesperson, or a Wall Street specialist with a growing real estate empire? When he opens his mouth, assume he’s telling a lie, as the most recent Saturday Night Live opening skit hilariously pointed out when Bowen Yang played him as an NFL sideline reporter covering Saturday’s Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants playoff game, “I am proud to be the first African American quarterback to ever dunk a football.”

How could Stephen King miss out on all the fun?

And the fans are having a heyday chiming in with the famous horror author.

Of course, there was one joke lingering that Santos could very well have written all of the Stephen King novels.

Has anyone ever seen Santos and King in the same room at the same time?

However, the birth to a whole new slew of Chuck Norris memes is just what the doctor ordered.

Nothing can deny the fact that Stephen King has some of the funniest fans ever.

Will Santos ever stop lying? Does he have the ability to stop lying? That remains to be seen as he claims he’ll run again for Congress despite all the calls for his resignation.