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The infamous Drake curse strikes again and seals the fate of a football team this time

The curse has intervened in many matches over the years.

Drake during a rap battle in 2021
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The ill-famed Drake curse, which sees sports teams and athletes befall losses after interactions with the Canadian rapper, may have reared its ugly head once again. 

This time it’s Barcelona on the firing line, as they recently added Drake’s logo to a special edition of their jerseys and eventually lost their match against rival football team Real Madrid. They were rather badly beaten, adding insult to injury, losing 3 to 1, with their only goal scored in the 83rd minute. They were not the only ones to lose either with the rapper reportedly betting $600,000 in a two-leg bet, with Barcelona leaving him with a loss. It is not just as if Drake interrupted just any football match with his evil curse, as the rivalry between the two clubs is legendary. Any match played between the two teams is dubbed the El Clásico, and this season the teams are currently one and two with both teams undefeated before the recent match. Unfortunately for Barcelona, Drake’s curse ended their seven-game streak. 

Apparently, the special edition jersey which was the inception of Drake’s involvement with the team was intended to commemorate Drake being the first artist to surpass 50 billion streams on Spotify. The Barcelona jersey was emblazoned with an owl representative of his record label OVO Sound. Who knows why the rapper is cursed but the Champagne Papi seems not to take much stock in it as he did bet against the curse. 

FC Barcelona
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Of course, just one loss does not prove a curse, but Drake’s record speaks for itself. Back in 2018, Connor McGregor lost his UFC fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov after meeting Drake backstage. Drake has also been traced to Manchester United getting knocked out of the FA Cup in 2019, as well as being the cause of a few other football losses. Although the curse has not always borne negative results for the rapper. He managed to use it to his advantage by wearing Philadelphia 76ers merchandise when his team, the Toronto Raptors faced off against them in the NBA playoffs in 2019 resulting in a win for the Raptors.

After a solid four years of tanking teams and athletes, you would think that anyone worth their salt would turn down a photo op with the ex-Degrassi star, even if it meant losing the big bucks. Just hope that Drake does not come close to your favorite sports team in the future, and in case he already has, it’s probably already too late.

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