In A League Of Their Own: The 20 Greatest Justice League Members


With Zack Snyder’s Justice League set to arrive later this year, DC’s premiere superhero team are taking their place in the limelight once again. While the League have traditionally been the most iconic comic book team around, their thunder has been stolen in recent years by the emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the launch of the Avengers on the big screen.

Since the team first formed in 1960 – in The Brave and the Bold #28 from Gardner Fox, the architect of the Silver Age of Comics  – the Justice League’s roster has exploded from just seven founding members to countless heroes. It gets even bigger if you include the various denominations of the League that have been formed over the years – like Justice League Detroit, Justice League International and, most recently, Batman’s Justice League of America.

But who are the greatest Justice League members of all-time? With commiserations to runners-up like Firestorm, Power Girl, Captain Atom and more, here are the 20 JLA members who are really, in a league of their own.

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