Booster Gold Won’t Factor Into DC Extended Universe


Ever since we were all shocked by the news that a Booster Gold movie was confirmed to be in development this past May, information regarding the project has been rather scarce. Furthermore, many of us have wondered how the lovable time travelling superhero would gel with the currently ongoing DC Extended Universe, which focuses mostly on more well known characters or those who are currently among the ranks of the Justice League in the comics.

Well, I guess we won’t have to worry about that anymore, because Booster’s debut silver screen outing will seemingly exist in a universe unto itself. Greg Berlanti, the king of superhero adaptations on television, happens to be one of the creative minds behind the project and recently confirmed as much:

“As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds. It’d be a separate thing.”

Before you become too disappointed, take the words “as of right now” to heart. One can infer that there are no plans to integrate Booster into the same continuity inhabited by Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, and others, but Warner Bros. could certainly call an audible down the line and include some Easter Eggs to weave the film into the larger tapestry.

On the plus side, it may give screenwriter Zack Stentz (The Flash, Thor) more breathing room as the film currently has no concrete release date. On the other hand, WB does have a history of superhero movies not getting off the ground – just ask Lobo. We can only hope for the best and that this doesn’t share the same fate as SyFy’s Booster Gold TV series that never materialized.

Considering that many characters I never thought would headline their own movies will do so over the course of the next few years (Captain Marvel and Cyborg, just to name a few), now is the time to strike if a Booster Gold movie is ever to happen.