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All DC Funko Pops for Comic-Con 2022

All of Funko's Comic-Con exclusive DC figures.

San Diego Comic-Con logo
Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Comic-Con is one of the most anticipated events in the nerd calendar, as the event is always full of big reveals and much-hyped previews. And no company embodies this more than Funko, as the company always brings some cool limited-run products to the event. And today, fans got an early preview of the DC figures that will be available at Comic-Con. 

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, those who head to Funko’s sprawling Comic-Con booth will find an immersive re-creation of an idealized neighborhood that Funko has dubbed Funkoville. This area will feature a movie theater, diner, grocery store, and even an upmarket boutique themed to pop-culture apparel company Loungefly. 

The DC Comic-Con exclusives are varied this year. First is a unique Starfire figure, part of the POP Heroes line. This four-inch tall figure depicts the beloved DC heroine most known for her role in the Teen Titans. Thankfully, this figure will be restricted to one per household, which is likely a good decision as Starfire is one of DC’s most popular heroes, so she will likely be in high demand. 

Image via Funko

The Vinyl Soda line will also have a Comic-Con exclusive figure. This figure will depict Larfleeze, the fan-favorite Green Lantern villain. Known for being the only member of the Orange Lantern Corps, who are powered by the emotion of greed, Larfleeze is a relatively recent addition to the Green Lantern mythos, making his debut in 2007. The Vinyl Soda figure is 4.1 inches tall and is glow-in-the-dark, making it stand out against other similar figures. Only 5,000 of these will be made, and one in six figures is a chase variant that features Larfleeze with the Orange Lantern power battery. This means you’ll have to be lucky if you want this variant, as there will only be around 800 of them available. Thankfully, to avoid any Orange Lantern-inspired issues, this figure, like Starfire, will be limited to one per household. 

Image via Funko

The final figure revealed is part of the POP Rides series, which sees characters paired up with vehicles. The figure is part of the sub-series based on Tim Burton’s legendary 1992 film Batman Returns. It features the Penguin and his Duck Ride. The figure is about 6.14-inches, and it sees Danny DeVito’s version of the penguin riding in a giant rubber duck, complete with some actual penguins coming along for the ride, perfectly capturing the feeling of Burton’s legendary take on the Batman mythos. Unlike Starfire and Larfleeze, households will be able to get two of these figures each, making it slightly less limited than the others. 

Image via Funko

No doubt, there will be other limited figures available at the event. However, these DC figures show just how varied the Funko line is. Comic-Con kicks off Thursday, July 21 and runs until Sunday, July 24.