Astonishing X-Men To Launch This Summer With Charles Soule At The Helm

Just days ago, Marvel posted a teaser image online depicting a new group led by Old Man Logan with the rest of the members blacked out as if they were mystery partners joining him in a Survivor Series-style tag team match. Since then, speculation has run rampant with some theorizing it’s for a new X-Force book. Well, today we can confirm that it has everything to do with the upcoming relaunch of Astonishing X-Men.

No doubt causing many readers to fondly recall the series of the same name once penned by Joss Whedon, this iteration of the title seems like a dream come true for anyone who was a kid in the 1990’s. I mean, how could a lineup consisting of Old Man Logan, Archangel, Mystique, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Psylocke and Fantomex not bring a nostalgic tear to your eye?

As of now, the names of most creators working on the book have yet to be disclosed, but we do know that Charles Soule has been tapped to write it. Having previously worked on Death of Wolverine and the recently concluded Inhumans vs. X-Men, this seems like the next logical step for him to take.

Here’s what the scribe had to say about his new endeavor:

“The book is designed to tell a very focused, specific story, with a few cool main villains. I’m writing it like a puzzle box, with new layers and reveals opening up every issue. So, you’ll never know exactly where it’s going to go next – but the structure is built in such a way that almost anything from the long, incredible history of the X-Men can pop up. If you think about these characters, they’ve been present or involved for virtually every major era of X history, all the big events. That’ll play a role in a big way.”

Astonishing X-Men #1 is set to arrive in comic shops sometime this July and will feature “a familiar menace [who] has once again reared its ugly head – reborn, renewed and resurrected.” Let the speculation begin.