Batman Assembles The Suicide Squad In Injustice 2, Chapter 3 First Look

If you can’t wait for the printed issues, you should be pleased to know that the Injustice 2 prequel comic series is now underway, effectively setting the stage for the events to be played out in the upcoming blockbuster video game.

With that, DC has offered a look at the third digital chapter, which will most likely be found in the first or second periodical, depending on exactly how many the publisher intends on compiling into each issue. Being someone who’s read numerous digital first series in print, I can say that they tend to contain two or three digital chapters on average, so it is indeed subjective.

Although only a handful of panels have been provided, it quickly becomes apparent that Batman is rounding up a Suicide Squad of his own, faintly echoing the recently released Batman Vol. 2: I am Suicide. But since this will no doubt tell a tale drastically different from what’s to be found in DC continuity proper, it should be most interesting to see how they all come together.

The description provided further succeeds in grabbing our attention:

Things don’t go quite as planned for the new Suicide Squad, which finds itself having to break out of the Pentagon. All of which leads to a new battle for the Dark Knight.

Should you be interested in seeing how Injustice 2, Chapter 3 plays out, know that it’ll be available for download this Tuesday, April 25 via the DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store and Nook Store.