Captain Marvel Prelude Comic Reveals What Team Cap Did After Civil War


In a way, movie tie-in comics aren’t what they used to be, but the House of Ideas have kept the tradition alive in recent years with adaptations and preludes alike. To the surprise of few, the first film to lead the Marvel Studios charge in 2019, Captain Marvel, has already been granted similar treatment.

Truth be told, I more so expected this book to be about Carol Danvers herself due to her solo flick taking place during the 1990’s, but the publisher instead opted to weave it into the grand scheme of things by showing us the aftermath of the game-changing Captain America: Civil War. Actually, Avengers: Infinity War‘s equivalent did do something similar, but it’s nice to be granted more pieces of the puzzle.

To be more specific, the oddly titled and freshly released Marvel’s Captain Marvel Prelude #1 has offered insight into just what Steve Rogers, Falcon and Black Widow were up to after the 2016 movie. If you’d like to sample it for yourself, some interiors can be found in the gallery below, revealing a rendezvous in Syria with none other than Nick Fury.

From the sound of it, this’ll ultimately flesh out what led to the famous last words spoken by yet another character played by Samuel L. Jackson during Infinity War‘s much talked about post-credits scene. And if you don’t believe me, check out the official synopsis below for a taste of what’s to come:

Before CAROL DANVERS takes flight in 2019’s first Marvel Studios film, immerse yourself in this all-new adventure! Spinning out of the mysterious events of Avengers: Infinity War, NICK FURY and MARIA HILL set off on life-or-death missions that lead directly to the appearance of CAPTAIN MARVEL!

Marvel’s Captain Marvel Prelude #1 is now available in comic shops.