Dark Nights: Metal #3 Reveals Who Knows Batman Best

Dark Nights: Metal #3

Dark Nights: Metal #3

The latest installment of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s opus, Dark Nights: Metal #3, takes a powerful turn as Superman gets sucked into the Dark Multiverse like the gullible nut he is. While most of us thought this was lining up to be another Batman-centric event, it appears as if the Man of Steel was the one who Barbatos wanted all along.

With so much talk of heavy metal, this issue touches upon the event’s music theme rather well, with Damian and Jon’s jam and Batman’s warning to Clark and Diana being significant to the plot. Coupled with the dark imagery, this book could very well be the prototype for Ghost’s next album if you ask me.

From a narrative perspective, there’s an interesting twist as Superman and Nightwing have differing views on what to do next. At first, it appears as if Snyder is set to make Big Blue the almighty hero again – and Dick Grayson the lame duck – but he pulls the rug right out from under us. If anyone knows Bruce best, it’s his first protégé and he should become the de facto leader of Operation: Rescue Batman. Will it happen, though? We’ll just have to wait and see.

With Superman now stuck in the Dark Multiverse and the rest of the Justice League teaming up with absolutely anyone who’ll help (including Deathstroke), it really is starting to feel like a major event here. There’s a lot at stake and these evil Batmen aren’t going down as easy as Parademons.

On a side note: has anyone else noticed how all the male characters are developing beards? Come the end of this event, I, for one, hope that Nightwing looks like a wildling.

Dark Nights: Metal #3 is out now at all good comic book retailers.