The Dark Knights Rise: Metal’s Evil Batmen Revealed

Although DC’s next major event that’s set to reunite the fan favorite creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo doesn’t officially kickoff until next month, it’s probably safe to say that anticipation for Dark Nights: Metal has reached critical mass.

Aside from the mainline series itself, something that has captured the attention of fans everywhere is that of the group of evil Batmen originating from the Dark Multiverse, each of which are set to be the focus of a number of one-shots shipping this fall.

Thanks to the image at the top, we have our first full look at each of these “Dark Knights,” some of whom seem to have powers mirroring Justice League familiars like the Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern. If you’re interested (and you probably are), here’s the roll call from left to right:  The Murder Machine, The Red Death, The Devastator, The Merciless, The Drowned and The Dawnbreaker.

Now, it is worth noting that The Batman Who Laughs is missing from the bunch, so we can only hope that he, too, will be revealed sometime this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. I mean, who among us isn’t looking forward to seeing what’s probably some deranged Batman-Joker hybrid?

If you happen to be at the world’s biggest pop culture event, though, you’ll get to see such images displayed proudly at the DC booth, in addition to having the opportunity to take your picture with the evil Batmen emanating from Dark Nights: Metal at the green screen photo studio.