DC All Access Explores The History Of Justice League Dark


To date, DC All Access has provided in depth looks at whatever the brand has going on, be it in comics, movies, animation, TV, video games or any other miscellanea, pretty much on a daily basis. With that, they’ve released a rather nifty video delving into the history of Justice League Dark, and although it’s a bit odd that they’ve elected to drop this several months after the release of the animated film, it’s no less intriguing.

If you’re rather new to this concept, it may come as surprise to learn that the publication history of this unique team doesn’t go back very far. In fact, the JLD didn’t even come together until 2011 as part of the then newly launched New 52 initiative. Uniting various mystic heroes who dealt with cases deemed too supernatural for Superman, Batman and others of that ilk, the title quickly found itself a rabid following in the form of those attracted to the darker side of the DC Universe.

But despite the brevity of this team’s existence, you should have some level of familiarity with its core characters – John Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman – each of which get some ample screentime in the video at the top, and are put under the microscope by the cast and crew of the animated film.

Unfortunately, the comic book series was cancelled in 2015, but should a live action movie ever actually manage to get off the ground, we fully anticipate DC to resurrect the title if they know what’s good for them. Until that day comes, however, we invite you to check out our review of the animated Justice League Dark Blu-ray.

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