DC Reveals First Evil Batmen Covers For Dark Nights: Metal Tie-Ins

Although we’re all anxiously awaiting DC’s next major event series, Dark Nights: Metal, mostly due to the fact that it’ll be written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo, the buzz surrounding some of its tie-in books is undeniable. After all, when a series of one-shots is slated to focus on evil Batmen originating from the Dark Multiverse, you can probably understand the appeal.

A few weeks back, we were granted our first substantial look at “The Dark Knights,” each of which seemed to have similarities to various members of the Justice League we’re familiar with. But now, the first two covers to be revealed paint a picture of some truly imposing villains. Seriously, an evil Batman would be threatening enough based on his intellectual prowess and martial arts skills alone, but to give him powers not unlike that of the Flash is a terrifying prospect, to say the least.

Speaking of which, the first one we’ll discuss is that of Batman: The Red Death, which will be handled by the very same creative team responsible for most Rebirth issues of The Flash, Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico, which has raised our expectations. Not only that, but the cover itself is drawn by Jason Fabok (we’re guessing this was the top secret Batman project he teased when exclusively speaking with us at Motor City Comic Con) and colored by Dean White, effectively making it a must buy.

Likewise, Fabok also covers Batman: The Murder Machine, only this time, frequent collaborator Brad Anderson provides colors. Coming to us by way of Frank Tieri and Ricardo Federici, this warped version of the Caped Crusader can be seen riding what looks like Thomas the Tank Engine’s evil cousin. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Green Lantern Hal Jordan is missing his right arm below the elbow, so we’ll have to wait and see what that’s all about.

Should you be interested in picking up these Dark Nights: Metal tie-ins, know that Batman: The Red Death #1 will arrive in comic shops on September 20, with Batman: The Murder Machine following on September 27.