Doctor Octopus Gets A New Status Quo In Today’s Amazing Spider-Man #25

The past few years have been very interesting for Doctor Octopus in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. After learning that he was dying, the villain managed to transfer his consciousness into the body of Peter Parker and became the Superior Spider-Man. After giving the wall-crawler control again, Otto placed his mind inside a robot before getting a brand new body courtesy of the Jackal in the pages of The Clone Conspiracy.

After dissolving, he managed to transfer his mind yet again, this time into a proto-clone. Now, Doc Ock has a body which is a combination of both his own and Peter’s, something which gives him control over his metal arms and the strength and abilities of his greatest foe. More on that was revealed in today’s Amazing Spider-Man #25 (a review of which you can find here), but things wrapped up with a truly massive twist.

After seeing that one of his old bases had been taken over by Hydra, the villain was recruited by Baron Zemo to help him take down Parker Industries in the pages of Secret Empire. Dubbing himself the Superior Octopus, it’s now abundantly clear that Spidey will have a huge new threat to deal with in the Amazing Spider-Man issues tying into the events of Secret Empire (that crossover starts from issue #29 onwards).

Tell us, do you think this is a good direction for Doctor Octopus moving forward? Sound off with your thoughts below.