Does Groot ever say anything besides “I am Groot” in the comics?

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One of the most popular and lovable characters within the entire MCU is Groot. Seeing Groot grown, then back to his baby self and growing up again has been a special journey for fans to watch. One thing that fans have wondered ever since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie is if Groot is able to say anything other than “I am Groot” within the comics. Is Groot able to say anything else, or is he limited to just “I am Groot?”

Does Groot say anything ever than “I am Groot” in the comics?

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Fans will be happy to know that there is a version of the comics in which Groot can say other things other than “I am Groot.” In Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord, those reading are able to see that Groot can not only talk, but is one of the smartest and brightest minds within the entire MCU when he does. After this series was released, readers found that the MCU star reverts back to only being able to say “I am Groot.”

What does Groot mean when he says “I am Groot” whenever he talks?

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The language that Groot speaks comes from his people, Flora Coloussus. Groot’s upbringing on Planet X means that Groot has some of the stiffest vocal cords in the universe, and coupled with the fact that he is indeed essentially all wood, this makes it tough for those who do not fluently understand Groot’s native language to understand what he is saying. That is why it constantly sounds like what he is saying is always “I am Groot;” his vocal cords are not able to really say anything else.

However, the Guardians of the Galaxy team has been able to spend enough time with the wooden character that they are able to dissect what exactly Groot is saying as well as his mannerisms that go along with what he is saying. The deep bond that the crew has together is why they are able to understand him.

However, when Thor first arrives, he is able to understand Groot. Even though Thor said he took the language in college, he really is able to understand Groot because he is a god, and is therefore able to pickup on different languages throughout the galaxy very easily. Fans can rest easy knowing that the cute and fan favorite character has his own short videos on Disney Plus, for those who cannot get enough of him.