This Doomsday Clock #1 Lenticular Cover Featuring Rorschach Has To Be Seen To Be Believed


Despite blowing us away with one event that’s already kicked off in the form of Dark Nights: Metal (you can check out our five-star review for the first issue here), DC is more than ready to knock our socks off with yet another limited series, the ominously titled Doomsday Clock. Set to put characters from the DC Universe proper on a collision course with those from Watchmen, it’ll no doubt finally pay off the greater mysteries of the Rebirth era that have been tugging at our minds.

Since the book was announced back in May, the publisher has been somewhat mum regarding it, but a few more details were thankfully brought to light last month at San Diego Comic-Con. Basically, DC head honcho Geoff Johns reaffirmed that a confrontation involving Superman and Doctor Manhattan is coming, which may very well be the comic book battle of the century. Furthermore, we learned the series has ballooned from four issues to twelve, no doubt recapturing the vast scope of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ immortal classic.

More recently, Gary Frank’s covers for the first issue found their way online, but the one we have to present to you today is possibly even cooler. Granted, it’s taken from previously existing artwork that Gibbons contributed to the original Watchmen story, but the addition of lenticular effects makes it a must buy.

Below, you can see a GIF generously provided by DC Entertainment showing the chaotic patterns that make up Rorschach’s mask morphing into the symbols known to be favored by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. And while Walter Kovacs may be dead, who knows what kind of crazy sci-fi storytelling Johns has in store for us.

Doomsday Clock #1 arrives in comic shops this November.