Expect “The Darkest Emotional Conflict” In New Hulk Title


While we anxiously await the possible return of the original Thor, Marvel continues to shake things up by having Jennifer Walters shed the “She” prefix in the pages of the new Hulk series.

As in most cases, the inheriting of a superhero’s mantle is due to the death or retirement of the original. Much to the chagrin of purists, the former is true in this example as Bruce Banner recently met his demise thanks to Hawkeye in the crossover event Civil War II. As such, the former She-Hulk is primed for her time in the limelight.

Don’t expect it to be a cakewalk, though. Jennifer is enduring some difficult changes in her life, which series artist Nico Leon wasn’t afraid to address in a recent discussion with Newsarama. And like any good penciler, he intends on making readers feel as though they’re taking the journey with the titular character as much as humanly possible:

“My first goal is always make the readers feel. With Hulk, this is a serious goal and it is very very important to me. Jen is a beloved character and she will be going through the darkest emotional conflict in her She-Hulk legacy. There will be a lot on feelings inside the story, but at the same time, outside the story (as we are also not successful super heroes on duty) I think we have the rare chance to build a kind of empathy with Jen that wasn’t possible earlier.”

Hulk #1 is now available in comic shops everywhere.