The Signs Are Pointing To Thor Returning As The God Of Thunder In The Marvel Universe


During the divisive Original Sin event a few years ago, Nick Fury whispered something in Thor‘s ear which left him unable to wield Mjolnir. What’s led to the God of Thunder being deemed “Unworthy” still hasn’t been revealed, but he’s currently on a quest to get his hands on the hammer once held by the Ultimate version of the character.

Meanwhile, Jane Foster has taken over as the new Thor, but it looks like that’s something which could very well change in the near future based on the events of Civil War II #8. In that issue, Ulysses saw a number of possible futures (including one with an all-new Defenders), one of which appeared to feature Thor staring down a once again evil Loki with his original hammer in hand. We know this is the actual Odinson because his left arm is still a prosthetic after the original was cut off by Malekith, while you may also notice that Loki is wielding the God Butcher’s sword.

This points to Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic picking up where they left off with their Thor saga and considering the fact that the cancer-stricken Jane Foster gets sicker every time she transforms into Thor, it’s looking likely that her story will soon reach its end. Plus, with Thor: Ragnarok hitting theaters later this year, we’re willing to be that Marvel will bring back the original God of Thunder.