Iron Man’s Fate Was Finally Revealed In Today’s Unsatisfying Civil War II #8


Marvel has had mixed fortunes with their events for quite some time now. While they all seem to do well in terms of sales, fans are growing tired of countless relaunches and status quo changes which only last however long it takes for the next event to be launched. That’s something which has most definitely been the case with Brian Michael Bendis’ Civil War II.

Panned by critics, the series has suffered from numerous delays which have, admittedly, built up anticipation for the finale. Well, the issue finally hit stands today and much to the surprise of no one, it didn’t deliver. With other comics which were originally supposed to come out after the release of Civil War II #8 hinting that Tony Stark had died, his actual fate proved to be a whole lot less satisfying.

During a battle with Captain Marvel, Tony was hit with a seemingly fatal blow which killed him, but we later learn that Iron Man is instead just comatose. Experiments he’s been performing on himself apparently saved his life, but Civil War II sheds no insight on that and fails to really delve into the fact that Carol Danvers very nearly murdered a founding Avenger.

Throw in the use of some pretty offensive religious imagery which paints Tony as a savior of sorts, and it’s fair to say that this event finally being over is for the best. What’s next for Iron Man remains to be seen, as both Doctor Doom and Riri Williams have taken over the mantle. With any luck, though, we won’t be getting a Bendis-penned Civil War III.