Green Arrow Writer Talks Team-Ups With Justice League In New Video


After writer Benjamin Percy did a fine job of capping Green Arrow‘s first year in the Rebirth era with issue #25, which also served as a great jumping on point, it seems like he’s more than ready to plunge into the next major story arc.

Not long ago, we were granted our first look inside the opening chapters of “Hard Traveling Hero,” which is set to take the Emerald Archer beyond the borders of Star City (formerly Seattle). So, if that title rings a bell, it should, because it’s paying homage to Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ legendary run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow, something Percy didn’t shy away from admitting right off the bat in a recent interview conducted by DC All Access’ Whitney Moore.

As incredible as his run has been to date, it certainly doesn’t hurt for the author to add sizzle to the steak by having the titular hero teaming up with various Justice League members over the next few months. To start things off, an adventure also featuring the Flash is sure to satisfy fans of The CW, with guest shots made by the likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and – “may the nerds rejoice” – Green Lantern following soon after.

But what was especially interesting to hear is that beyond “Hard Traveling Hero” and the upcoming tie-ins to Dark Nights: Metal, Oliver Queen will have to return home in order to “face his trial.” With the Ninth Circle extending their tendrils nationwide in hopes of making more Star Cities, we can only wonder how he’ll neutralize this threat and rekindle his romance with Black Canary.

Green Arrow #26 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, July 5.