Green Arrow #26 & 27 First Looks Reveal Guest Appearances By The Flash And Wonder Woman

When Rebirth first kicked off one year ago, not many of us predicted that Green Arrow would emerge as one of the strongest titles yielded by the new initiative, but it most certainly happened. And, in the time since, it has remained near the top of the heap for a variety of reasons.

The credit, of course, goes to the talented creators who work on the series, chief among which is writer Benjamin Percy, who can seemingly do no wrong. Having brought back all the classic qualities you love most about Green Arrow comics – Black Canary, most of all – the author has proven that he’s not afraid to take the title in unexpected directions. Yes, bringing back Star City does align with what we know to be familiar, but doing so at the expense of Seattle was a twist that nobody saw coming.

It’s also important that we tip our leather hoods to artists such as Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra for continually making this one of the best looking books on shelves. In fact, that trend will continue into July knowing that Stephen Byrne will make his return with issue #26, which you can get your first glimpse at via the gallery at the top. The preview images are unlettered, but you have to admit that Byrne’s work is more than pleasing to the eye. Plus, you have The Flash stopping by for a guest shot, undoubtedly making this an easy sell to fans of the heroes’ respective TV shows.

Speaking of guest stars, expect Wonder Woman to show up in the following issue, thus appealing to those applauding her recent solo film. Unfortunately, Jamal Campbell’s interiors are uncolored for the time being, but they still look pretty cool as they make one recall Batman: Black & White.

Green Arrow #26 arrives in comic shops on July 5, with #27 following on July 19.