Greg Rucka Discusses Wonder Woman Annual #1 In New Video


Saying that this is a big week for Wonder Woman is certainly an understatement. Not only is there much buzz surrounding her first solo outing on the silver screen (you can read our review here), but her first annual yielded by the Rebirth era is also set to hit shelves.

Although said annual is slated to be an anthology of sorts, many readers are likely looking forward to the contribution made by Greg Rucka, who has served as writer on the flagship title for the past year, and artist Nicola Scott, who was paired with him for the Wonder Woman: Year One story arc.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, co-host Whitney Moore chats with Rucka about his 10-page tale that actually takes place within the same time frame as Year One, effectively showing how Diana first met Batman and Superman in current continuity. Sure, we’ve all probably read something similar to this before, but knowing how the “Superman Reborn” crossover recently rewrote the Man of Steel’s modern history, it should be interesting to see how this goes down.

Beyond that, the fan favorite scribe also briefly touches on this June’s Wonder Woman #25, which will actually serve as the finale to his current run with the character. He and Liam Sharp have definitely left some big shoes for incoming writer Shea Fontana to fill, but as the Oracle said in The Matrix Revolutions, “everything that has a beginning has an end.”

Wonder Woman Annual #1 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, May 31.