Guardians Of The Galaxy Writer Teases The Death Of Rocket Raccoon


Whenever a major comic book event descends upon us, it’s only natural for fans to think a major death will occur. In the case of Infinity Wars, we were witness to the symbolic demise of Drax the Destroyer. You see, the persona known to True Believers the world over was consumed by a black hole, with only his human form of Arthur Douglas being left behind.

Long story short, he has absolutely no recollection of his past adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and is currently enjoying time with his family in a dimension existing within the Soul Stone. In other words, the door has been left open a crack so that some future writer could one day bring him back if need be.

Oddly enough, this may not be the only loss the team will experience in the near future, as current series writer Donny Cates said the following to a fan on Twitter when asked if he’ll kill any dogs during his run on the book:

“Raccoons aren’t dogs, right?”

On the one hand, one would think Rocket Raccoon to be untouchable due to his popularity with moviegoers. But on the other, the current Guardians lineup in the comics is drastically different from that of the one known to lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so anything’s possible. After all, the books should chart the course of movies, not the other way around.

If indeed Cates pulls the trigger on Rocket, the series still has a lot going for it. Don’t forget, the rise of a new Thanos has also been teased, and I imagine readers are champing at the bit to see where that goes. With the original Mad Titan now being dead, someone’s going to need to fill the void.

For more on the aforementioned business concerning Drax and how it could affect the Guardians of the Galaxy, be sure to pick up both Infinity Wars #6 and Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 at your local comic shop.