Harley Quinn Supposedly Destined To Kill Batman

No matter if it be either the New 52 or Rebirth eras, short and sweet story arcs have pretty much been the rule when it comes to Harley Quinn. Sure, there’s always a grand tapestry, but writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti don’t dwell on the same threads for too long and have instead opted to tell as many crazy tales starring the pop culture princess as possible. And, nine times out of ten, it’s worked like a charm.

In fact, today’s release brought the “Nether Regions” arc to a close, as Power Girl and Atlee succeeded in helping Harley defeat the megalomaniacal Zorcrom. As was expected, a being of his power level wasn’t defeated in any way similar to what would occur in a Justice League comic. Long story short, he gets de-powered and then splattered by a truck. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this series.

But what we really need to talk about is the subplot taking place far into the future that sees a hungry young pugilist, Devani, reign supreme at a Batman-themed fight club. Apparently, the grand prize was a chance to go back in time to meet Batman, but instead, she wishes to kill the person who murdered the Dark Knight – Harley Quinn!

Seeing as how the next arc is set to focus on the return of Harley Sinn, we can’t know for certain when this thread will be fully explored, but this wouldn’t be the first time this year that the story published doesn’t line up with what was originally solicited. Therefore, it’s very possible we could start seeing how this plays out as soon as next month.

To be honest, I just don’t see Harley Quinn as being the one who actually killed Batman. Granted, he had to die of something, but given that she’s now a “good guy” as it were, something tells me that the legends to be told got it wrong and/or she was present for his demise but wasn’t the one to pull the proverbial trigger. Either way, my attention has successfully been captured.

Harley Quinn #16 is now available in comic shops.