Injustice 2 Scribe Reveals Surprising Details In New Video


Now that the highly anticipated video game Injustice 2 has arrived in stores, it’s important that we not forget the prequel comic that recently kicked off as things have really been heating up over there. And although NetherRealm Studios certainly deserves a pat on the back for creating this darker version of the DC Universe, much of the credit can go to comic book writer Tom Taylor, who continues to prove that few others have such a knack for writing tales of alternate realities.

Speaking of which, the latest episode of DC All Access saw co-host Jason Inman catching up with Taylor himself to discuss the latest shocking developments, chiefly those to be found within digital chapter #6. Long story short, the mysterious new Batman leads the Suicide Squad on a mission that is believed to be carried out with the goal of springing Superman from his cell, but as it turns out, Damian Wayne is their true target.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Keeping fans of this continuity on their toes, a new character is introduced through Talia al Ghul – Damian’s sister! From the sound of it, she too is a progeny of the Batman, and we can’t wait to learn more about how all this came to be.

In addition to that, Taylor let slip a few more characters we can look forward to seeing in the comic that may not necessarily appear in the game, namely Aqualad, Animal Man and Vixen. The prequels to the first game excelled at this, so we fully expect more heroes to be added in due time.

Injustice 2, Chapter 6 is now available in digital format.