Injustice 2’s Spectacular Launch Trailer Has Landed


Well, here we are, at long last. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros.’ superpowered DC brawler Injustice 2 is just one day away from launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and as you’d expect, today marks the arrival of its spectacle-laden launch trailer. Given the absurd number of reveals and announcements that have been made over the last couple of months, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine at least some of you out there have missed a handful of trailers, but today’s final pre-release appetizer does its best to bring you up to speed.

The citizens of Earth, it appears, have little reason to feel safe in their homes: Superman’s nemesis Brainiac has taken it upon himself to enter the planet’s atmosphere and trigger an invasion, which is bad enough, but the deluded alien isn’t the only threat that needs to be dealt with post-haste. Gorilla Grodd’s villainous Society, which counts the likes of Bane, Catwoman and Captain Cold as being among its number, has a bone to pick with the pious Justice League.

Not exactly a great time, then, for Earth’s protectors to be in a total state of disarray. Perfectly fractured down the middle following the events of the first game, both Superman and Batman now lead separate splinter groups of heroes, the two leaders themselves looking unlikely to reconcile their differences, especially if NetherRealm’s Shattered Alliances series is anything to go by.

With all the intrigue whipped up around Injustice 2‘s narrative elements, its all too easy to forget about its core gameplay, but if you’re still looking for answers in regards to how its gear and loot systems work, or what modes will be available from day one, you’d do well to head over here for a full breakdown.

Injustice 2 is out tomorrow, May 16, but that’s just the beginning. At least one DLC pack featuring additional characters is on its way, and you can expect a whole lot more over the course of 2017. Stay tuned.

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