The Villainous Society Is Formed In New Injustice 2 Trailer


The Injustice 2 teasers just keep flowing.

So far this week, NetherRealm has already treated fans to spotlight trailers for both Catwoman and Captain Cold, but why stop there? A wealth of lore is sure to be unearthed when Injustice 2 launches next month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but in order to give fans a slice of pre-release exposition prior to May 16, the developer has rolled out the fourth part of its Shattered Alliances series.

As is apparent by now, the Justice League is in disarray thanks to the events of Injustice 2. Following the collapse of Superman’s regime from the original game, the Man of Steel has made enemies of his former friends, especially Batman, who has already been shown trying to talk some sense into the Kryptonian on multiple occasions, although such verbal disputes inevitably devolve into bouts of superpowered fisticuffs shortly after.

All of this uneasiness and infighting has seemingly distracted Earth’s greatest heroes from a new threat, The Society. Dubbed the anti-Justice League, the villainous group is led by Gorilla Grodd, with the likes of Harley Quinn, Cheetah, Poison Ivy and Captain Cold all falling under its banner in order to, as Grodd puts it, become Earth’s new masters. So no peaceful protests or petitions then, I take it?

You can check out the trailer above or, if you missed them, see here for all three previous parts in the Shattered Alliances series. As for additional character reveals, there’s still just over a month to go until Injustice 2 is out, so expect the remaining slots of the fighter’s roster to be filled over the coming weeks.