Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Injustice 2’s Gear System


Injustice 2 developer NetherRealm Studios has just dispatched a new trailer that provides an overview of how the super-powered brawler’s intriguing gear system will work. Not content with just overwhelming fans with an eclectic selection of unique characters to choose from, NetherRealm’s aiming to include quite possibly the most in-depth customization and personalization options ever seen in a beat ’em up. Close to the game’s original announcement, the developer had briefly touched on the loot elements that it had planned for Injustice 2, but today’s video reveals a much more in-depth system than many had perhaps suspected.

Every last playable hero and villain will be customizable in Injustice 2, with colors, insignias, clothing (for those that actually feel the need to wear them) and accessories all able to be tinkered with in order to create your own personalized DC icon. Superman, for example, can discard the blues and reds of his standard costume and go for a completely different color palette entirely. You can even ditch the S emblazoned on the Man of Steel’s chest if you so wish.

The wide range of fashion options isn’t just cosmetic, however. Every piece of gear players earn at the conclusion of each match changes the base stats of a character, with health and damage properties present in the footage. What’s more, certain bits of loot you obtain will be part of a set which, when equipped with other parts in the same set, will confer various special benefits. When equipped, gear can be levelled and improved, unlocking various special abilities.

As of now, Injustice 2‘s gear system certainly looks impressive, but it remains to be seen just how realistic a prospect obtaining the rarer items without spending money on the fighter’s premium currency will be.

Expect a final verdict come May 16, when the sequel releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.