Is Supergirl Stronger Than Superman?

Superman Supergirl

Two of DC’s mightiest heroes Superman and Supergirl have been at the center of fan debate for the longest time regarding which one of these Kryptonian’s is more powerful.

While much of Supergirl’s accomplishments have gone overshadowed by that of DC’s lead hero, there is no denying that she is incredibly powerful. In fact, some believe that she could best Clark Kent himself and a recent DC run may have proved this to be true.

We’ll be taking a look at these two heroes and attempting to settle the debate once and for all of which is stronger.

Is Supergirl Stronger Than Superman?

While there is no concrete answer to this, given that Superman and Supergirl are yet to have an all-out battle, DC’s Crime Syndicate miniseries would hint that Supergirl is the stronger of the two.

During Crime Syndicate #5, alternative reality forms of these two cousins, Ultragirl and Ultraman meet up as Ultraman is about to punch Luthor. At this time, Ultragirl is able to stop Ultraman by grabbing his punch with a single hand and bringing him to his knees. This was to the surprise of both Ultraman and those reading the comic and gives us the best answer to this question to date.

There is no indication that Ultraman was holding back with this shot so it would seem that Ultragirl is quite superior when it comes to strength and there may be a simple reason for this.

Unlike Superman who was sent to Earth at a young age, Supergirl spent more time on Krypton where there is a harsher environment. This could have led to more intense training for her and mean that her abilities progressed at a faster rate than Superman who would spend much of his childhood on Earth.

While they are alternate reality counterparts, DC usually has all versions of their characters from each reality inhibiting similar levels of power than the original. This may be the closest look to how these two stack up power level-wise that we’ll get any time soon, but again, it would seem Supergirl is superior.