Marvel Comics Introduce Deadpool’s New Enemy, Killpuddle


Popular as Deadpool may be, one could certainly argue that he lacks a substantial rogues gallery to call his own. Perhaps it’s because he’s such an atypical good guy, or because he’s a product of the X-Men universe, but this is a situation the House of Ideas hasn’t fleshed out as much as one would desire. On the plus side, though, it led to us receiving a rather comic book accurate Juggernaut in the Merc with a Mouth’s latest movie, thereby putting The Last Stand‘s effort to shame.

Well, those wishing to see Wade Wilson’s antithesis sort of got their wish granted this week when none other than Killpuddle showed up in the pages of Deadpool #6. And in said issue, the new baddie in town made several attempts on D. Piddy’s life, though each were thwarted in bizarrely coincidental ways such as being sent to an alternate dimension by Doctor Strange, or by a giant creature battling the Fantastic Four.

What’s also worth mentioning is how the villain boasted possessing bullets that can neutralize mutant abilities, so one would’ve thought the creative team was really building him up to be somebody significant – but it appears as though his efforts may have been for naught.

You see, once Killpuddle invades a bar housing a down-in-the-dumps Deadpool at the end of the tale, the titular anti-hero can’t help finding hilarity in his foe’s name once “the Laughin’ Assassin” introduces himself. In fact, he even tossed grenades back into the establishment upon leaving, seemingly killing the guy.

Given that, we’ll just have to wait and see if Killpuddle is a one-shot villain, or if indeed he’ll come back for future installments. Either way, he could be reworked and inserted into a future movie if someone in Hollywood sees fit. Don’t forget, even somebody as prominent as the Riddler was once an obscure character from the 1940’s before actor Frank Gorshin knocked everyone’s socks off with his performance in the Adam West-led Batman pilot episode in the ’60s.

Deadpool #6 is now available in comic shops.