Marvel Offers First Look Inside Elektra #1

Although True Believers probably owe much of their thanks to the success of the Netflix series, you have to admit that it’s great to see Daredevil’s corner of the Marvel Universe be expanded upon as of late. In addition to Matt Murdock having to deal with problems of his own as well as a new Bullseye miniseries launching soon, readers can look forward to Elektra getting her own headlining gig in a matter of weeks.

From the information that has thus far been disclosed, we know that series scribe Matt Owens intends to play on the trope as to whether an assassin can truly ever be free of the lifestyle. While we don’t actually have the ability to see into the future, our best guess is that Elektra herself won’t be able to or else, well, we wouldn’t have a comic book to read.

In addition to some action-packed unlettered preview images, Marvel has supplied us with a bounty of variant covers for your viewing pleasure. Aside from some cool offerings from the likes of Bill Sienkiewicz and Skottie Young, keep your eyes peeled for a hip-hop variant courtesy of Keron Grant.

For more details concerning Elektra #1, including its release date, be sure to check out the synopsis below:

Sin City has a new player as Marvel’s deadly assassin heads for the bright lights and dry heat of the Las Vegas Strip! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside in the can’t-miss ELEKTRA #1 – a brand-new series coming this February from writer Matt Owens (Marvel’s Luke Cage) and artist Juann Cabal! Elektra is “Running With the Devil” as the one-time ninja assassin attempts to lose herself in the vibrant sea of neon, noise and anonymity. It’s time for a fresh start. But when you have a past as tumultuous as hers, you can’t outrun it for long!

Her arrival hasn’t gone unnoticed by the criminal element of Las Vegas either – drawing the attention of none other than the villainous Arcade! He’s got his eyes on her as the newest contestant for his revamped Murderworld! Can Elektra ever truly escape the vortex of violence that has consumed her life for so long? Or is the cycle doomed to repeat itself? Her new journey into Murderworld and beyond begins on February 22nd in ELEKTRA #1!