Marvel Reveals Iron Man-Thor Hybrid And Others For Infinity Wars Tie-In Comics


Normally, those bizarre DC-Marvel hybrid characters native to Amalgam Comics spring to mind whenever we think of oddball mashups to be produced by this art form, but the House of Ideas themselves have been going hog wild on this concept like never before in 2018.

I mean, not only do have the craziness that is Juggerduck awaiting us in Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 this September, but Venomized has fused symbiotes with a variety of notable characters, namely Wolverine’s son. Perhaps putting them all to shame though is what’ll be on hand in a number of Infinity Wars tie-ins set to arrive this fall.

Playfully dubbed “Infinity Warps,” these nutty Marvel superhero hybrids will each be headlining two-issue miniseries of their own. Right now, what leads to the creation of these bizarre beings isn’t quite clear, but it’s very likely that a new villain named Requiem and/or the Infinity Stones are responsible.

For the time being, let’s take a closer look at what True Believers have to look forward to, shall we?

As you can see in the accompanying gallery, there’s Iron Hammer, a combination of Iron Man and Thor that should help in moving a few units based on name recognition alone. Soldier Supreme, which unites the likes of Captain America and Doctor Strange, is bound to be added to pull lists as well.

Moving on, we have Weapon Hex, a visually striking hybrid of X-23 and Scarlet Witch, and following her will be the Spider-Man-Moon Knight combo that is Arachknight, which vaguely reminds me of the iteration of Azrael seen in the video game Batman: Arkham City.

Finally, Ghost Rider and Black Panther come together to form – you guessed it – Ghost Panther. This one may be the smoothest amalgam of the bunch, and you have to admit that using a panther as the means for transportation was a stroke of genius.

Expect for some of these folks to be introduced in Infinity Wars #3 before the tie-ins arrive in comic shops throughout October and November.