Wolverine’s Son Gets Venomized In X-Men Blue


While True Believers are gearing up for The Return of Wolverine miniseries that’s set to launch this fall, it seems as though Logan’s progeny aren’t willing to let dear old dad hog the spotlight. In fact, a son of his turned some heads in a recent issue of X-Men Blue.

You see, James Hudson, the very same young man who came over to the “616” from the once beloved and thought dead Ultimate universe, has been given some, um, teeth, if you will. As it turns out, he was among those affected by the Venomized event, and now has a symbiote riding shotgun.

Now, what makes this situation especially noteworthy is that not only has something from a crossover series spilled over into the pages of a separate ongoing title, but that you essentially have a variation on Venom running around with the powers of Wolverine. To put it mildly, that’s a formidable opponent if there ever were one.

Wolverine Poison

Per the events of X-Men Blue #29, Jimmy’s pals have come to find out that he now identifies as “Poison,” which put an interesting spin on his fight against his brother of sorts, Daken. Normally, this sounds like a fantasy that’d exist only in the minds of fans, but we applaud writer Cullen Bunn for having the guts to make it a reality.

Fortunately, Mr. Hudson is still somewhat in control, so we’re guessing this situation won’t prove permanent. Still, it’s a clever way to make sure the Venom concept continues permeating the public’s consciousness ahead of the movie’s October 5th theatrical release, which I’m very much looking forward to seeing.

X-Men Blue #29 and 30 are now available in comic shops.