Marvel To Roll Out New Black Panther And Thor Comics This Spring


With relaunches already announced for both Avengers and Venom, you probably figured that more #1’s would be named as part of Marvel’s upcoming “Fresh Start” initiative. Actually, the two series we’re talking about today come as a no-brainer, with both headlining heroes being recent box office successes.

Of course, with Black Panther becoming a powerhouse at theaters the world over, T’Challa was among the first to spring to mind when it came to heroes to be given this treatment. And with such mainstream exposure being enjoyed, one can only hope that translates into more interest in his comics.

When it comes to who’ll be at the helm, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates will still be the guiding hand, with Daniel Acuna tapped to provide art and covers. Normally, you’d figure a clean slate to be in order, but Coates has garnered so much praise for his work in recent years that we doubt anyone will be complaining.

Similarly, Jason Aaron isn’t planning an exit from Asgard, and will be writing the new Thor series, which’ll also be rolled back to #1. Joining him will be superstar artist Mike Del Mundo, who’s sure to amaze us all with art and covers.

Now, all of these new #1’s may confuse you, what with Marvel recently returning many of their enduring titles to classic numbering. But, if you were to ask us, they knew certain milestone issues – The Mighty Thor #700 and Amazing Spider-Man #800, for example – were coming up, and those would no doubt rake in some dough. But with those soon to be behind us, it’s open season on the next slew of #1’s.

Thor Black Panther

Funny enough, Marvel SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort is already teasing an eventual return to classic numbering once the inevitable cash-ins warrant it:

“With these new #1 titles for some of our key franchises, we’re going to bring big, new and exciting stories to our core characters. And rest assured — the modern characters you know and love aren’t going anywhere. Their stories will continue in the Marvel Universe with more epic milestones. You won’t want to miss what’s coming…we may even have a Thor 800 when the correct time arrives!”

Getting back to the comics we’re here to discuss, know that Black Panther #1 will arrive in comic shops on May 23, with Thor #1 bringing up the rear on June 13.

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