The “Real” Captain America Returns In Secret Empire #10


Earlier this week, word got out that the finale to Marvel’s latest mega crossover event, Secret Empire, would see quite possibly the biggest mirror match of the decade in the form of Captain America versus Captain America. In other words, the “classic,” more patriotic version of Steve Rogers residing in the consciousness of Kobik, a living Cosmic Cube, went toe-to-toe with the Steve Rogers that’s sided with Hydra.

Now, we’re not going to regurgitate the issue because it’s really for the best that you pick up a copy and read it for yourself, but odds are that you’re here to learn the gist of it. Thus, we’ll give it to you in a nutshell.

After Hydra Cap joined all the shards of the Cosmic Cube, he’s able to fulfill his diabolical organization’s master plan. Basically, he’s altered history so that the Nazis won World War II, Hydra rose to power, and the world they’ve long yearned to see has been made reality.

Thankfully, Bucky Barnes managed to pull classic Cap from the ethereal plane Kobik has created, with the Sentinel of Liberty convincing her to right her wrongs. Thus, we return to reality where the “real” Steve materializes to confront Hydra Steve.

Obviously, our hero triumphs, but not all is well. In a grim reminder left by Kobik intending on warning the good guys of the failures they shall never repeat, the damage done to Las Vegas remains – as seemingly does the deaths of Black Widow and Phil Coulson.

Still, we’re left to wonder what’s to happen to Hydra Steve, but maybe next month’s epilogue will resolve that. Regardless, we can only wait and see if the damage done to the Captain America brand can be reversed in both comics and the real world.

Secret Empire #10 is now available in comic shops.