Ryan Choi Grows Into His Role In Justice League Of America: The Atom #1


Not unlike Marvel’s decision to deal with legacy heroes, DC is bringing back one of its oldest heroes in style in an unexpected way. While the character of Ryan Choi may not be unfamiliar to you, it comes as a bit of a surprise that he’s suiting up in the pages of Justice League of America: The Atom #1.

Any longtime follower of the Atom is undoubtedly aware of the various men to adopt that name, be it Ryan, Al Pratt, or, of course, Ray Palmer. Taking into account that the latter is currently enjoying mainstream success in a starring role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and you can see why we’re slightly bewildered that it’s not Palmer getting a piece of the action in the comic book realm. After all, Vixen and Killer Frost, both of whom have also seen small screen exposure thanks to The CW, are also joining the party when Steve Orlando’s Justice League of America officially kicks off in February.

Speaking of Orlando, this one-shot is also penned by him, as will be the remaining three scheduled to ship throughout this month. Furthermore, it’s quite the relief that the cover price on this baby is $2.99. Considering that one-shots often run as high as $4.99, this is a welcome change.

For more details concerning the tale, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

SPINNING OUT OF THE PAGES OF JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD! Meet Ryan Choi, prodigious theoretical physics student with severe allergies and crippling social anxiety. But little does young Ryan know, his first day at Ivy University marks the start of an epic journey into the very heart of the DC Universe!

Justice League of America: The Atom #1 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, January 4.