Unstoppable Wasp To Feature “A Healthy Combination Of New And Classic Bad Guys”


Legacy heroes seem to be all the rage at Marvel these days. From Sam Wilson now wielding the shield as Captain America to Jane Foster swinging Mjolnir as Thor to Nadia Pym claiming her birthright as the Unstoppable Wasp, new ground is consistently broken at the House of Ideas. Heck, all three of those characters can currently be found over in the new Avengers series.

Keeping the focus on the young Pym, her new series is being helmed by writer Jeremy Whitley, who’s joined by up and coming artist Elsa Charretier. Early impressions say this team is a good fit for the characters as the visual style alone is crisp, vibrant, and highly inviting to new readers. In short, it looks like a lot of fun.

Whitley recently spoke with Newsarama, teasing fans with what to expect from the title in the near future:

“Nadia will be putting together her own lab full of girl geniuses like herself. She is setting out to make as big an impact as possible, and she can’t do everything she wants to do alone. Readers will be introduced to a few brand new geniuses that Elsa and I have worked together to create – and I think they’re going to fall in love with them fast.

“Beyond that, we’ll also be bringing in some of the best and brightest from the Marvel Universe. Just in the first couple of issues we have guest appearances by Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, and Moon Girl.

“As far as villains, Nadia will have a healthy combination of new and classic bad guys. We’ll see some classic Ant-Man villains, but also some new ones who are unique to Nadia and her crew. In our preview for the first issue, we’ve already shown off her conflict with the amazing Monica Rappaccini, a female genius who is the opposite number to Nadia in a lot of ways.”

Sounds like Marvel wasn’t shy when it came to allowing the creators access to whatever toys in the box they needed. Another aspect fans no doubt want to learn more of is the dynamic shared between Nadia and Janet, which was also touched on:

“I think the dynamic between Nadia and Janet is infinitely interesting. There’s nothing Janet can teach her about science. Nadia already knows more about that than Janet is ever likely to. However, Janet is just the sort of mentor Nadia needs. What Nadia really lacks are social skills and the common knowledge that comes from having friends and being part of the world. Having been locked away for her whole life has robbed Nadia of that.”

Unstoppable Wasp #1 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, January 4.