Secret Empire: Underground Will Take Us To The Savage Land

From what we can tell, Marvel will really be heating up things this summer. In an effort to supplement the main narrative to be offered in the crossover event known as Secret Empire, the publisher will release a few one-shots in June – two of which we’ve already learned to be Secret Empire: Uprising and Secret Empire: United – the former of which is set to feature a Black Widow who is rounding up a young generation of heroes to join the fight, with the latter focused on Emma Frost and the X-Men standing their ground against the forces of Hydra.

Now we’ve learned that a third one-shot is set to drop that’s a little crazier than its sister stories. Written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Eric Koda, Secret Empire: Underground will see another strong female take the lead in the form of Bobbi Morse. In short, Mockingbird will team up with the likes of Hercules, Iron Man, Sam Wilson and Ant-Man as they brave the dangerous terrain of the Savage Land, which apparently isn’t beyond Hydra’s grasp.

From the sound of it, having the chance to write for the lead character may very well be what brought Whitley to the project, as he recently told the following:

“I love writing Mockingbird. I see her as very well-rounded, in a way few heroes are. She has a background in science, she has years of experience in operations and espionage, she has served as an Avenger and a double agent. When I got the list of the characters that were going to be on this team, I knew Bobbi would step up as the leader. She knows how to run an operation and she has a history of getting the job done when the chips are down.”

As of now, Secret Empire: Underground lacks a hard release date, but it’s said to ship in May, although we wouldn’t rule out a June arrival alongside its one-shot counterparts. In the meantime, be sure to check out R.B. Silva’s cover art below.