Spider-Man And Batman Combine To Create One Jaw-Dropping Lego Vehicle

The Batman

The world of Lego is an intriguing one when it comes to the crossover possibilities of our favorite pop culture franchises, as evidenced by the absolutely jaw-dropping build from Reddit user pixlut whose creation on the Lego subreddit shows an inventive combination superhero of Batman and Spider-Man, complete with a Spidey-themed Batmobile.

It features a hero in a Spider-Man outfit wearing Batman’s signature cowl.

The post has already garnered almost three thousand upvotes in about a day. You check out the creation below:

Though it seems far-fetched that Spider-Man and Batman would ever crossover, as they are part of rival comic companies Marvel and DC, respectively, the occurrence is apparently not without precedence.

Back in 1995, the caped crusader and webslinger did, in fact, team up for the one-shot comic book Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds.

What’s perhaps more notable than the team-up of Batman and Spider-Man, however, is the team up of their respective nemeses, Joker and Carnage.

The plot of the book revolves around the clown prince of crime meeting up with Carnage after the two are subject to an experiment involving a brain chip that supposedly destroys their homicidal instincts. The symbiote is able to destroy the implant from serial killer Cletus Kasady’s brain, however, and takes the initiative to remove the chip from Joker’s brain as well and the two form a brief alliance.

In terms of the merging of the Spider-Man and Batman personas, as depicted in the Lego creation, that does not appear to have a precedence in comics, sadly.