The Unworthy Thor #5 Features A Shocking Twist No One Will See Coming

Since the events of Original Sin, the God of Thunder has found himself unable to lift Mjolnir. Jane Foster has taken over for him since then, but the Odinson has recently been on a quest to get his hands on the Ultimate Thor’s hammer in The Unworthy Thor event series.

He looks set to achieve that goal when issue #5 goes on sale tomorrow, but an early leak has revealed that things don’t play out exactly as expected. For reasons unknown, Thor doesn’t wind up taking that version of Mjolnir for himself and the issue instead ends with someone else being deemed worthy to wield it. As you can see below, this mysterious figure calls himself the “War Thor,” and the blurb for future issues promises that we’re going to meet the “All-New Ultimate Thor.”

Whether this is the version from the Ultimate Universe who somehow survived the events of Secret Wars, a new character or someone else entirely remains to be seen, but this development leaves us with three different God of Thunders flying around the Marvel Universe. That’s an interesting decision, but one which could prove controversial among fans who just want to follow the adventures of the real deal without the concept being watered down. It’s obviously far too early to judge this either way, especially as it’s clear that The Unworthy Thor is just the opening chapter of a much larger tale, but we’re certainly intrigued.

Issue #5 goes on sale tomorrow and also promises to reveal what led to the hero being deemed unworthy in the first place. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the usual place.