Watch: New Doctor Who Trailer Teases Upcoming Crossover

Doctor Who

Just yesterday, we reported that Jodie Whittaker would love to do a multi-Doctor story with Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. Well, half of her wish is already coming true. Sorta.

You see, the BBC, in collaboration with Titan Comics, have just released a trailer for their new Doctor Who series, which shows the Tenth Doctor and his companion Martha Jones crossing over with the Thirteenth’s adventures. As the trailer depicts, it seems the comic will revisit the events of “Blink,” which aired in 2007 and was the tenth episode of the third season of the revival. It’s also widely considered one of the single best episodes of the show’s six-decade run.

Written by Stephen Moffatt, who would go on to be the showrunner for a while, we’re introduced to the Weeping Angels, statues who only move when you’re not looking at them. It’s the kind of high-concept, terrifying adventure that Doctor Who does brilliantly.

This comic looks like it’s going to substantially re-imagine the episode, too. The original script saw the Doctor trapped in 1967 and trying to communicate with the present via cryptic DVD easter eggs. The comic will be set in the 60s timeline, showing the Weeping Angels and the Autons out to get the Tenth. The description is somewhat vague, but it seems that Doctors Ten and Thirteen must combine their forces to prevent the two races from tearing Earth apart.

It sounds neat, but if you’re not into comics, then you don’t have long to wait for the show to return. After a lengthy hiatus, the Thirteenth Doctor is back in action in upcoming season premiere “Spyfall,” a two-parter which airs on New Year’s Day. The episode appears to be a James Bond pastiche and stars Stephen Fry as the head of the British secret service. Here’s hoping it carries on the winning streak established in Whittaker’s first run of Doctor Who, which broke ratings records.