WGTC’s Blood Bash ’19 Recap And Gallery


Due to a variety of circumstances, I’d unfortunately missed out on the past few major events to reside under the MeggaXP umbrella. In an effort to correct this, I made arrangements to check out this year’s edition of Blood Bash, one of the better horror conventions one could hope to find in Michigan. Once again setting up shop at the Commonwealth Commerce Center in Jackson, it’d obviously grown since its debut in 2017.

For starters, I could swear there were more vendors and crafters on hand than I’d seen when I was last there two years ago. Though this celebration of the macabre differs from the larger MeggaXP insofar that it’s confined to one showroom, there was certainly much to explore. Furthermore, video and tabletop gaming were other options presented, not to mention horror-themed carnival games which yielded tickets allowing the victors a chance to win one massive grand prize later in the evening. And while I didn’t score the loot, I can lay claim to having won two separate rounds of trivia.

If you’ve been to one of James Seagraves’ events before, then you’re aware of how it’s the overall experience that keeps us all coming back. Some highlights of my day other than those already listed had to be talking to some of the fine folks at comic book publisher Source Point Press (keep your eyes peeled for the big screen adaptation of David C. Hayes’ Rottentail this spring), walking away with a handsome Joker painting courtesy of Summthingspooky, and paying another visit to airbrush makeup artists Kreatures of the Night. This time, they allowed me to achieve a look inspired by Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth, specifically from the Bitter Suites to Succubi era.

Actually, if there were to be anything especially noteworthy, it was that of the two-day international film festival complementing the rest of the fun. Had you wandered into the screening room, you’d have been treated to a string of short and feature-length movies from around the globe – some of which were being shown in the United States for the first time.

In an effort not to be absent from the showroom for too long, I didn’t take in any of the feature-lengths. I did, however, watch a generous amount of shorts. In my view, 100% Organic, Trick AND Treat and Arcana were the standouts of those I digested. It’s my hope that this aspect of the event blossoms into something of prestige within the horror community before long, as it’s being taken quite seriously already.

Like I said earlier, it’s the experience created that makes my one-hour drive to Jackson worth it each time – and none are complete without the after party. Similar to 2017’s installment, the cosplay and scream queen contests were held before the catered dinner/dance. Funny enough, both male and female participants were invited to partake in the latter. Keeping with my honoring of the aforementioned Dani Filth, I entered and became a finalist. On the downside, I blew out my voice after the first round and didn’t walk away the ultimate victor. Remember kids: screaming like a banshee is a talent you have to maintain, lest misfortune befall you as it did I.

Should this recap and the accompanying gallery showing off various highlights and cosplayers capture your interest, then it’s highly recommended that you check out Blood Bash for yourself in 2020, as I’m sure it’ll return. But before then, there’s MeggaXP V to consider on August 24th.