Who are the six members of the Omni-Avengers?

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Warningthe following article contains spoilers for Avengers Forever.

The Omni-Avengers have been teased in Marvel‘s Avengers Assemble crossover event, and it could be the key to finally defeating Mephisto.

Avengers Assemble by Jason Aaron, Bryan Hitch, Javier Garrón, and Aaron Kuder sees the spirit of the devil Mephisto’s endgame come into view, and Avengers teams from across time and space have to come together to stop him. These teams include the modern-day Avengers that fans know and love, the Prehistoric Avengers, Multiversal Avengers, and Avenger Prime (a multiversal Loki who flew into the sun). These are the Mightiest Heroes of All the Earths, and yet all of this still might not be enough to win against Mephisto and the Multiversal Masters of Evil. It could be the Omni-Avengers that tip the scales in the heroes’ favor.

The Multiversal Avengers vs. the Multiversal Masters of Evil

Image via Marvel Comics

The Multiversal Masters of Evil have been traveling through the multiverse and conquering countless universes. In response, Avenger Prime has recruited Avengers from across the multiverse and has brought them to the Avengers Tower in the God Quarry. While this is happening, Mephisto in the main Earth-616 universe has been meddling with the Avengers’ histories, all the way back to the prehistoric past. Brandy Selby/Starbrand used her powers and aged rapidly into an elderly for the purpose of sending her and the Avengers to the prehistoric genesis point – and it worked.

Avenger Prime leaves the Watchtower and travels back in time as well and he’s confronted by Mephisto, and Avenger Prime (in very Loki fashion) boasts that he’s here to watch him lose. Avenger Prime assembles the Avengers, but when the Prehistoric Avengers, consisting of Odin, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, the Phoenix, Black Panther, and Starbrand arrive, the two teams battle one another. Avenger Prime fights Mephisto and other versions of Mephisto appear and gain the upper hand over the Loki doppelganger.

Agamotto knocks everyone down with an energy blast and Doom Supreme arrives. He’s killed many Sorceror Supremes across the multiverse and during their battle, Doom Supreme takes out his eyes. Starbrand comes in and tries to overpower Doom Supreme, but the supervillain gets into his head and turns him into a giant red ball. Then, Doom Supreme’s team arrives consisting of King Killmonger, Ghost Goblin, The Black Skull, Young Thanos, and Dark Phoenix. For their plan to succeed, Earth-616 must fall.

Back in the Avengers Tower in the God Quarry, the multiversal Avengers are together and Captain Carter wonders where Avengers Prime is. That’s when the most powerful Avenger in all the universes makes his grand entrance, All-Rider, the ultimate version of Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider. He crashes in, driving a suped-up car that mows through all the Mephisto devils with Ant-Man in the passenger seat. Ant-Man tells him to transform, but when Robbie tries to become the Omniversal Spirit of Vengeance, he’s not able to do so.

Omni-Avengers assemble

Image via Marvel Comics

Deathlok and Avenger Prime have been recruiting Omni-Avengers to defeat the Multiversal Masters of Evil. These Omni-Avengers consist of the most powerful heroes in all existence and the six members have been chosen and All-Rider is on this list. In Avengers Forever #2 by Aaron and Kuder, the Black Skull is torturing Robbie Reyes to find out how he got to his world, and Deathlok tells Robbie that as the All-Rider he has the ability to turn anything he touches into a “Hell Rider.” As the Omniversal Spirit of Vengeance, Reyes is needed for this war against Mephisto’s forces, although when he transforms he feels like he loses a part of himself.

The other members of the Omni-Avengers include Star Panther, the strongest Black Panther who’s ever lived, Thor, the God of Fists, the Howling Commandos composed entirely of numerous Steve Rogers, and the Carol Corps – the multiverse Air Force. The last member to join is a multiversal Tony Stark who’s the Invincible Ant-Man and not Iron Man. He’s an archaeologist who has to work to through sobriety and move past his fears to become a real hero.

The Omni-Avengers seem well-equipped to handle the Multiversal Masters of Evil and save all of their universes from imminent destruction. It’s also possible that Robbie Reyes as All-Rider could become the leader since he was described as the most powerful Avenger of them all.