The X-Men Comic Book Universe Has A Brand New Big Bad

In recent months, the X-Men titles have revolved mostly around the mutant superheroes battling the Inhumans. That’s something which finally came to an end in Inhumans vs. X-Men #6, but one character in particular was left in a very different place once all was said and done.

After using her psychic powers to hide the fact that Cyclops died from Terrigen poisoning, former co-leader of the X-Men, Emma Frost, tricked the world into thinking that Scott Summers fell in battle against Black Bolt. That played a huge role in the two factions going to war, and in the finale, Emma used Magneto to commit mass murder, something which has finally seen the character return to her status as a villain.

Now an enemy of both the X-Men and Inhumans, what’s next for Emma isn’t clear, but she may have completely lost the plot. That’s something which is evident from the panel below, as we see her don a costume inspired by the Hellfire Club’s Black Queen, Magneto, and Cyclops.

It appears as if Cyclops’ death has pushed her completely over the edge and with Magneto remaining on the side of the angels, Emma is poised to become the new big bad of the X-Men Universe moving forward, as her extreme views put her at odds with her fellow mutants.

With so many new X-Men titles on the way, we’ll have to wait and see where she shows up next, but Emma’s new status quo is definitely intriguing and we can’t wait to learn more.