The 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games Of 2016


10) World Of Final Fantasy

If there’s a clear indication as to where the Final Fantasy series is going as a whole, it’s that Square Enix is aiming to please a wider, more diverse audience of gamers, as opposed to pleasing genre enthusiasts only. While Final Fantasy XV might be a stark departure from what series fans have come to love, World of Final Fantasy is a must buy for said fans, even if it does sport a very kid-friendly, chibi look.

Bringing together characters, places and monsters from the series’ 14 main entry, numbered titles (including a few surprise additions), World of Final Fantasy is the perfect nostalgia trip for those who are just not ready to join the brave new journey that the series is dead-set on taking, or for those who just need one more “traditional” game. If you need any more convincing, let me just say three simple words: “Active Time Battle.”

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