11 Video Games Coming This Fall That You Don’t Want To Miss

COD-Infinite-Warfare-MP-Frost-3-WM (1)

It’s that time of the year again, when the trees are turning auburn, the leaves are starting to drop and the days are slowly but surely getting shorter. For most people, the end of summer is a picturesque but rather depressing inevitability, but as the rest of the world mopes about the onset of gloomy weather, gamers revel in the excuse to hunker down and enjoy some quality video games.

More importantly, the fall marks one of the busiest and most exciting times in the video game industry as publishers time the launch of their latest projects with the end of year holiday season. Indeed, this year’s lineup of new games is set to be an especially packed one, with a some heavy hitting franchises set to do battle and some highly anticipated titles that are due to explode onto the scene as well.

Here, we’ve compiled the 11 most exciting AAA games launching this fall that you absolutely don’t want to miss out on. There’s something here for everyone and all of these titles are sure to impress. So, without further ado, let’s crack on with the high octane, high budget, and highly anticipated blockbuster games due out this fall:

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